Current Issue - Vol 34 no 2, 2014

Indigenous: Blackground

Guest co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington

The fourth issue of Artlink Indigenous will turn its gaze to Indigenous lived experience and its salience to contemporary Indigenous art. The co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington write: "Sharing these experiences is pivotal to the future of not only Indigenous people's cultural independence, but also to the future of visual arts as expressive/ interrogative tools in which to share our cultures, ...

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Current Features

Exhibitions to watch

Memory, identity and habit: a personal riff
Co-editor of Artlink Indigenous: Blackground Glenn Iseger-Pilkington recounts a personal tale of the way experience and memory interweave in the stories we make of our lives. ... More...

All that swagger and not a sorry in sight
Dianne Jones describes how Richard Bell's video 'The Dinner Party' makes her feel as an Aboriginal woman. The third part of Bell's trilogy 'Imagining Victory', the work is confronting, and cuts throug... More...

Territory style: Salon des Refusés

Aboriginal Performance Art: How bizarre
Curator Djon Mundine reflects on the complexities of Aboriginal performance art, its challenges and fragility, as he has witnessed it from the 1970s till now.... More...

Writer and editor Genevieve O'Callaghan writes about the visit of Derek Thompson and Tjimpuna Williams from Pukatja(Ernabella) to Jingdezhen in China to make ceramics.... More...

Truth is better than fiction
Co-editor of Artlink Indigenous: Blackground Carly Lane discusses the complexities of lived experience as an indigenous person in Australia. ... More...


Get a Life - an autobiographical anthology of theories

by Donald Brook

How do you describe a life which has been dedicated to unravelling the nature of art across time and space, and at the same time has been lived across several eras and regions, peopled by an array of players and life events well beyond a conventional comfort zone?  more...


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Artrave - Dirty Money Well, it had to happen, and finally it did. The Sydney artworld woke up to find that artists are not all venal, grasping, competitive sluts, and that Australia’s shameful policies on asylum seekers have reached a level of culpability that simply cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. And so the Biennale of Sydney became th...
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Future Issues

Bio-tech Art

Issue 34#3 September 2014

Bio-art inhabits a realm within the art/science/medicine/technology matrix and this international issue examines a world where human beings are evolving in response to the rapid progress of biotechnology in medicine, genetics, and science.

The work of a biotech artist might include extensions to the body; the relationship of living to non-living; bio-couture (living ‘textiles’) the future of cyborgian systems; man-machine interactions and a great deal more. Microbes and bacteria are one of the new frontiers in the understanding of life on earth, and have started to appear as the raw materials of art in various contexts.  More...