Current Issue - vol 34 no 3, 2014

Bio Art: Life in the Anthropocene

Editor: Stephanie Britton Consultant editor: Melentie Pandilovski

Bio-art inhabits a realm within the art/science/medicine/ technology matrix and this international issue examines a world where human beings are evolving in response to the rapid progress of biotechnology in medicine, genetics, and science. The work of a biotech artist might include extensions to the body; the relationship of living to non-living; bio-couture (living 'textiles') the future of cyborgian ...

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Exhibitions to Watch

Out of darkness
Mazie Turner 1954-2014... More...

Holding the line: The Adelaide Central School of Art across 30 years
Artist and lecturer Chris Orchard writes about the coming into being of the Adelaide Central School of Art and the memorial exhibitions held to celebrate its longevity and development.... More...

The beginnings and the ends of Bio Art

Notes to Bennett
Gordon Bennett 1955-2014... More...


Helen Pynor: confounding clear separations
UK-based art historian and curator Marius Kwint explores the visceral artworks made by Helen Pynor that investigate how culture and history interact with organisms.... More...


Get a Life - an autobiographical anthology of theories

by Donald Brook

How do you describe a life which has been dedicated to unravelling the nature of art across time and space, and at the same time has been lived across several eras and regions, peopled by an array of players and life events well beyond a conventional comfort zone?  more...


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Artrave - Art facts and stats from the Australian Council Art Facts, released in July by the Australia Council, is the new interactive home for statistics about the arts in Australia, drawing on data and research collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australia Council and sector reports. Grouped under the five categories of arts c...
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Future Issues


Issue 34#4 December 2014

On real-world and artworld ecologies. This issue will consider the broad implications for sustainable futures in relation to the environment, urban design, arts infrastructure, studio and community-based practices and art in the public realm.