Current Issue - vol 34 no 1, 2014

Wall to wall: graffiti art

Co-guest editors Annemarie Kohn and Charity Bramwell

Wall to Wall offers readers a chance to compare their attitudes to graffiti art with those of a range of authorities from rappers and writers to scholars and critics.

The issue covers the birth of this art movement and subcultural genre in New York four decades ago and its current role within the constantly shifting politics of public space in cities across the planet including Asia and the Arab world where th...

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Current Features

Exhibitions to watch

Nish Cash
Nish Cash is a graffiti artist based in Melbourne. She talks about how she got started writing graffiti and about the support offered by Ladie Killerz, (a national female graffiti event that happens a... More...

Reko Rennie
Reko Rennie is an interdisciplinary artist who explores his Aboriginal identity through contemporary mediums. He talks about his beginnings including being impressed at an early age by the work of How... More...

Melbourne Now: The defining moment for a century of art schools?
Juliette Peers looks at the big picture of the NGV homegrown blockbuster Melbourne Now and finds its origins reach back in time. ... More...

Dash88 is an Australian artist of Chinese Malay ancestry, living and working in Melbourne. He writes about how he began doing grafffiti and what it means to him. ... More...

Sideways, always
Co-Guest Editor of WALL TO WALL Annemarie Kohn writes about how the seed for a graffiti issue of Artlink was sown, back in 1991 at the Metro nightclub in Adelaide. Twenty-three years later, this editi... More...

The legitimate semantics of a subcultural Artform
Guest co-editor of WALL TO WALL Charity Bramwell explores the way culture acquires credibility through museums, publications, and the formation and deformation of art history canons.... More...

Coming soon - new release e-book

Get a Life - an autobiographical anthology of theories
by Donald Brook

How do you describe a life which has been dedicated to unravelling the nature of art across time and space, and at the same time has been lived across several eras and regions, peopled by an array of players and life events well beyond a conventional comfort zone? Donald Brook’s new book Get a Life breaks the mould of the autobiographical genre, by combining his chronological life story with a selected anthology of his published essays, revealing the more than six decade evolution of his thinking about what art is. more...


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Artrave - Comment, upcoming events, people, news and views

- Optimism in Queensland Chris Saines, newly appointed Director of Queensland Art Gallery, has energy to burn and he has been talking about his vision for the institution for the next decade or more. His ambitions include increasing the footprint of QAGOMA within an expanded cultural precinct, and creating a permanent Indigenous gallery on th...
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Future Issues

Artlink Indigenous IV: Blackground

Issue 34#2 June 2014

Guest co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington

The fourth issue of Artlink Indigenous will turn its gaze to Indigenous lived experience and its salience to contemporary Indigenous art. The co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington write:  “Sharing these experiences is pivotal to the future of not only Indigenous people’s cultural independence, but also to the future of visual arts as expressive/ interrogative tools in which to share our cultures, concerns and aspirations.” More...